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U.S. Government Leads Training of 600 Zambian Defence Force Members
December 6, 2022

LUSAKA – From October 29 to December 19, U.S.  Army advisors are training and mentoring over 600 members from across all three services of the Zambian Defence Force (ZDF) in leadership skills and life-saving medical treatment techniques.

On November 29, as part of the training, a cohort of 100 Zambian National Service and Zambian Air Force Non-Commissioned Officers graduated from two separate one-week classes focusing on leadership development and tactical combat casualty care.  The graduates from the two courses received mentorship and training on topics such as troop leading procedures, patrolling, convoy operations, and critical life-saving medical treatment techniques to support future peacekeeping missions.

U.S. Ambassador Michael Gonzales and Kenneth Kaunda Peace Training Center Commandant Brigadier General T. Banda attended the graduation and highlighted the importance of the training in assisting ZDF personnel to be better prepared to lead soldiers and treat life-threatening injuries in Zambia as well as while trainees participate in peacekeeping operations across Africa.

This is the second engagement the advisors from the 2nd Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) have conducted in Zambia.  The first was in May 2022 when SFAB advisors observed the Zambia Battalion (ZAMBATT)-8 pre-deployment training for the UN Peacekeeping Mission in the Central African Republic.


Advisors from Maneuver Advisor Team 2331 of the 2nd SFAB consist of professional and experienced Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers specially selected, certified, and equipped to train alongside partner nation security forces. When called upon, advisor teams deploy in support of a combatant commander to integrate with foreign security forces to aid in whatever training or support the host nation government requests.

The presence of the SFAB advisor team is a tangible demonstration of the United States’ unwavering support and commitment to the U.S.-Zambia partnership, as well as enduring partnerships throughout the region to support African defense forces in bolstering regional peace and security.

Advisors from MAT 2331 train and mentor Non-Commissioned Officers from the Zambian Army on lifesaving medical skills.
Advisors from MAT 2331 train and mentor Non-Commissioned Officers from the Zambian Army on lifesaving medical skills.