United States Government Handover of Protective Gear to Zambian Peacekeepers

Lusaka. March 17, 2015.

LUSAKA — The United States Government is proud to support Zambia’s future peacekeeping troops for the United Nations mission to Central African Republic. Our most recent effort is the March 17 handover of uniforms, helmets, and other protective gear to the future Zambian peacekeeping troops that is valued at more than $850,000. As Ambassador Schultz stated, “We are proud to support the Zambian peacekeepers as they prepare for their important mission.”

The high-tech materials used to make the American uniforms donated to the Zambian troops are the same as the U.S. military uses for its own soldiers. The United States is committed to providing the peacekeepers with the best possible equipment.

Since 2014, the United States has provided comprehensive training and preparation to Zambian peacekeeping troops, known as Zambian Battalion 1 or “ZAMBAT 1.” On December 6, 2014, Ambassador Schultz spoke at the ZAMBAT 1 graduation ceremony as they completed theirU.S-sponsored training program. He stated, “Our training forZAMBAT 1 illustrates the commitment of the United States to helping Zambia further improve its ability to defend itself, as well as support other African nations in need.

Zambia’s commitment to peace in Africa is admirable, and the United States salutes Zambia’s decision to join the United Nations in protecting innocent civilians, women and children in the Central African Republic.