U.S. Embassy’s Chargé d’Affaires Announces Zambian Participants in President Obama’s Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

Lusaka. May 15, 2014.

Lusaka, Zambia – At a welcome reception and press conference at the U.S. Embassy on May 15, Chargé d’Affaires David Young congratulated the 21 young Zambian leaders who have been chosen to participate in President Obama’s Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. He announced, “You are looking at 21 dynamic, motivated young people who stood out among the more than 1,000 Zambians who applied for the program! They are now known as the Washington Fellows. We are very excited to give this chance to enhance the Washington Fellows’ leadership skills through this intensive program.” Acting Permanent Secretary for Administration Mrs. Ireen Chisumbano added, “The Government of the Republic of Zambia congratulates the Washington Fellows and wishes them well.”

The Young African Leaders Initiative is a part of President Obama’s commitment of the United States to invest in the future of Africa. The White House created this initiative out of recognition of the critical and increasing role that young Africans play in strengthening democratic institutions, spurring economic growth, and enhancing peace and security in Africa.

These 21 Zambians are among the 500 Washington Fellows traveling from across Africa to the United States next month for a six-week program of leadership training, academic coursework and mentoring. The program is designed to hone the skills they need to serve their communities. Each Fellow will be placed at a U.S. university to concentrate on one of three tracks: business and entrepreneurship, civic leadership, and public management. Fellows will also have opportunities to meet with U.S. government, civic, and business leaders. All 500 Fellows will then join together for a summit with President Obama in Washington, D.C.


Zambian Participants in President Obama’s Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders 2014 

  1. Charlene Bangwe, Zambia Open Community Schools
  2. Louis Bwalya, Ministry of Justice
  3. Clive Chifunte, Zambia Wildlife Authority
  4. Mutibo Chijikwa, Cotton Development Trust
  5. Bruce Ernest, Munich Advisors Group
  6. Luyando Haangala, Rock FM
  7. Nosiku Kalonga, Mmabana Community Project
  8. Sombo Kaweza
  9. Raphael Kumwenda, ZNBC
  10. Lukonga Lindunda, Bongo Hive
  11. Simon Manda, University of Zambia
  12. Zila Milupi, ILO
  13. Chanda Mubanga
  14. Chola Mutoni, FHI360
  15. Mwenya Mutuna, Partners Group
  16. Chisenga Muyoya, Asikana Network
  17. Chalwe Mwansa
  18. Isaac Mwansa, YALI Zambia
  19. Mable Nedziwe, Ministry of Youth & Sport
  20. Mutoba Ngoma, Tapera Industries Ltd
  21. Bwalya Zimba