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U.S. Company LANDLOCK Signs Deal with MoD to Build 5,000 Kilometers of Road
October 27, 2023

LUSAKA – On October 26, U.S. company LANDLOCK Natural Paving, Inc. signed a five-year Joint Venture agreement with the Zambia National Service under the Ministry of Defence to build 5,000 kilometers of road in Zambia that will run through all 10 provinces of the country.  The construction is scheduled to begin in March or April of 2024 contingent on weather conditions.

Zambian Minister of Defence Ambrose Lufuma and U.S. Ambassador to Zambia Michael Gonzales attended the signing ceremony where LANDLOCK CEO Mike Kostorowski said, “We are incredibly humbled by the warm reception of our Zambian partners and their enthusiasm for our road building technology.  We anticipate an aggressive development plan with significant investment into supply chain management, training, and certification.  The socio-economic impact will extend far beyond the Zambian jobs that are created in road construction – this program will accelerate growth and prosperity for all sectors.”

This project will provide major benefits to the Zambian people under President Hichilema’s Rural Connectivity Project which focuses on rehabilitating old roads and constructing new ones, greatly improving valuable transportation routes.  The Rural Connectivity Project, in collaboration with the Constituency Development Fund, will provide safe and efficient road systems that promote regional travel.  The agricultural sector will particularly benefit through the enhanced ability to transport produce, greater accessibility for workers, and the opening of new markets.

This project is another example of harnessing U.S. private sector technology and ingenuity in partnership with the Zambian people to drive economic growth.  LANDLOCK provides infrastructure solutions that reduce the waste of time, money, and the environment commonly associated with traditional road construction methods.

The U.S. government is committed to working closely with Zambia to attract U.S. private sector investment, recognizing that businesses and local communities – much more than governments – drive investment, job creation, and economic growth.  Accountable American companies create quality jobs, provide professional development for their staff, and improve the overall business environment by promoting legal compliance and transparency, while combating corruption.


LANDLOCK has been installed in 38 different countries across five continents.  Its propriety, non-toxic polymeric emulsions bind with soils and aggregates to produce rock-hard roads that deliver strength gains four times that of asphalt, are easier to maintain, and are less susceptible to cracking and potholes.  Through using the sun’s heat as a curing agent, installations are especially effective in hot climates like Zambia, where the completed roads will be less vulnerable to degradation from rainy seasons and extreme weather events.  The speed of a LANDLOCK application, all while using standard road building equipment, means much more can be done with less, typically delivering 30-50 percent cost savings, depending on road classification.


LANDLOCK CEO Mike Kostorowski and Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary Norman Chipakupaku.