Report a Lost or Stolen Passport

If your adult passport is lost or stolen you should report the loss on-line. If your child’s passport is lost or stolen, or if you are unable to report the loss of an adult passport on-line, you should immediately report it to the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. If you are in Zambia, you can email us at or call the Embassy to provide your details (name, date and place of birth), and, if available, your passport number and issuance date, so that we can electronically cancel your passport. This will prevent someone else using your passport and engaging in identity theft. Please note that once we have cancelled your passport electronically, if you later recover the passport you will be unable to use this passport for future travel. Nevertheless, if you do recover the passport, please bring this passport to us so that we can physically cancel the passport and return it to you for your records.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Passport

To replace a lost or stolen passport, follow the instructions for obtaining a passport for an adult, or minor age 16 and over, or a passport for a minor under age 16. Additionally:

  • Complete form DS-64 (Statement about Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport).
  • If your passport was stolen, you should bring a copy of the police report.
  • As you will not have your most recent passport, you should, if possible, also provide some form of identification (e.g. driver’s license), and evidence of your citizenship (e.g. birth or naturalization certificate, or an expired passport).

If you will be traveling within the next three weeks, see our information on getting an Emergency Passport.