Request an Emergency Passport

For routine passport cases we accept and adjudicate the application at the Embassy before sending the application to the United States for printing. The printed passport usually arrives at the Embassy in less than two weeks (10 business days).

If you have emergency travel needs (traveling in less than 2 weeks), due to circumstances such as needing medical attention or replacing a passport that was lost or stolen while you were transiting Zambia, we can issue a limited validity emergency passport. This passport would be printed at our Embassy in Lusaka while you wait and will facilitate your immediate travel. You would then replace it with a full validity passport when you return. While you would pay for the emergency passport, there is no charge for the full-validity replacement, if you present your emergency passport within one year of issuance.

To apply for an emergency passport, follow the instructions for obtaining a passport for an adult, or minor age 16 and over, or a passport for a minor under age 16. If you are unable to wait for the next available appointment due to urgent travel, please contact the Embassy. Except for life or limb emergencies, we can only issue passports during regular work hours.