General Tips

General Tips:

  • Set up an appointment. Note that there are no appointments during days the Embassy is closed for holidays. See our Mission Holiday Schedule. Note for true emergencies, see our emergency contact information.
  • Bring something to entertain yourself and to entertain your children. While we have a small children’s play area, be prepared for unexpected delays.
  • All passport fees and other fees are to be paid in cash (U.S. dollars or the kwacha equivalent, but no mixing of currencies) or via credit card.
  • The fewer items you bring to the Embassy (i.e. backpacks, suitcases, shopping bags, cameras, laptops, cell phones, etc.), the easier the security check will be for everyone.
  • Use the passport wizard to complete your passport application.  The printed application has a barcode that allows us to upload the information into our system quickly which shortens your visit.

For passport applicants:

  • Complete (but do not sign) passport applications ahead of time – this considerably shortens your visit.
  • Pay special attention to passport photographs. We will ask you to get other photos if they don’t meet State Department requirements.
  • Please remember to fill in your social security number. This is required by law. If you do not have one please see our section on Social Security.

For our minor passport applicants: Parents – please remember to bring your child’s/children’s original birth certificate when applying for a new or replacement passport.

For Consular Report of Birth applicants: Please complete (but do not sign) the application form DS- 2029 (PDF), ahead of time. This will ensure a minimum amount of waiting time for you and your baby.

For notarial clients:

  • Please make sure you have read your document(s) to be notarized and know the contents.
  • Do not sign your document, but make sure that all other blanks are filled in before coming to the Embassy.
  • If your signature must be notarized and witnessed, you must bring your own witnesses with you.