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U.S. Citizen Services


The U.S. Embassy in Lusaka provides a range of services for U.S. citizens who are visiting or residing in Zambia.  In case of an emergency requiring immediate attention, please see our emergency contact information.  We also encourage U.S. citizens in Zambia to enroll in our Smart Traveler Program so that we can reach you in an emergency.

Routine services, such as replacement passports and notarized documents, are by appointment only. Consular Report of Birth Abroad are scheduled by email. Please review our Birth of a Child page.

Please review the below information for an overview of the services we provide to U.S. citizens in Zambia. Please email us at ACSLusaka@state.gov for any questions regarding American Citizen Services at U.S. Embassy Lusaka. We look forward to helping you.

All visitors will be required to undergo security screening before entrance to attend their appointment. Please note the following:

Electronics prohibited: Please be advised that due to embassy security regulations, all electronics are prohibited. Please leave your cell phones, laptops, cameras, tablets, or any other device at home or in your vehicle. There are a limited amount of small shelves to place your phones at the security entrance, but they will not be locked up. Laptops cannot and will not be stored at the embassy.

Large bags prohibited: We recommend you leave backpacks, bags, purses, etc. in your vehicle, or for a safer option, at home. There are no storage options at the security entrance for your bags.

Returning to the United States

See the U.S. Customs and Border Protection travel publications on such topics as traveling with a pet, reporting currency, and transporting household goods.