Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Cholera in Parts of Zambia

The U.S. Embassy in Lusaka informs U.S. citizens that there is an ongoing outbreak of cholera that has affected parts of Zambia and has produced over 2,000 reported cases and over 50 reported deaths. The outbreak has primarily occurred in densely-populated areas of Lusaka including Chipata, Kanyama, Chawama, Bauleni, Matero, Chilenje, and Chelston.  However, a few cases have been identified in other parts of the country.

This is a reminder to follow CDC recommendations on healthy hygiene practices, and consumption of safe food and water.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and clean water
  • Drink only bottled, boiled, or chemically treated water
  • Clean fruits and vegetables carefully
  • Do not buy fruits and vegetables from roadside or market stalls
  • Stay hydrated

CDC has a Travelers’ Health Website that contains information on cholera and other diseases of concern to travelers.

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