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Procurement and Contracting Opportunities

U.S. Embassy Zambia, through its General Services Office, seeks to enter into contracts with well established and experienced firms. These firms must be financially sound, have the ability and capability to provide a range of quality goods and services in a timely and most economical manner. The companies should be able to meet, satisfy, understand, and comply with the requirements in the Request For Quotations for them to be considered for business contracts. Currently, the following Requests For Quotations are available. Interested parties must follow the specific instructions in the relevant solicitation documents. SCAM NOTICE WARNING – The U.S. Embassy Lusaka is aware of an ongoing Scam using our name fraudulently requesting for samples of items or money. If your business receives a tender requesting for delivery of samples or payment DO NOT act on this request and contact us immediately at lusaka-procurement@state.gov. U.S. Government follows strict procurement rules as outlined in the Federal Acquisitions Regulation (FAR). These require all U.S. Government Agencies to advertise planned purchases over $15,000 on https://sam.gov/content/home.

Current Bids:

For more information direct your queries to the Contracting Officer at Lusaka-Procurement@state.gov or to the address below:

General Services Office U.S. Embassy Eastern end of Kabulonga Road, Ibex Hill P.O. Box 320065 Lusaka, Zambia Tel: +260-211-357-000; +(260)-761-107-000; Fax: +260-211-357-224.