United States Commends Zambia for Reopening of Privately Owned Television Station

The United States Government commends the Zambian Independent Broadcasting Authority for working with Muvi TV and Itezhi Tezhi Radio Station to allow these important privately owned media houses to reopen.  Privately owned outlets are important sources of information for the people of Zambia, adding to the plurality of voices that define a vibrant democracy.  They also serve as an important channel of information for government officials and community members on social, political, and economic challenges.  The recent reopening of Muvi TV is an important step in recommitting Zambia to its democratic ideals.  We urge the Government of the Republic of Zambia to continue working with the Zambian Revenue Authority and Independent Broadcasting Authority to find ways to ensure that all private media outlets meet their legal requirements and are able to reopen immediately and that oversight of all Zambian media outlets is carried out in an equitable and evenhanded manner.