U.S. Pleased to Support Zambian Peacekeeping Training

Lusaka – The Government of the United States was pleased to provide U.S. military training and equipment to a Zambian Peacekeeping Battalion from January to March 2017 in preparation for the battalion’s deployment to Central African Republic in April 2017.  This training was special in that, in addition to our partnership with the Government of the Republic of Zambia, the United States partnered with the United Kingdom to offer the training.  The U.S.- and UK-trained battalion, “ZAMBATT 3,” will be Zambia’s third group of soldiers taking part in the UN-led mission for peace in Central African Republic.

The U.S. Military has been providing Zambian Peacekeeping training since 2015.  This year’s training was also special because the Zambian Air Force also took part in readiness for its first-ever deployment to a United Nations peacekeeping mission later this year.  The Zambian Air Force will be deployed to South Sudan.

The United States Government provided training and equipment to prepare both the Zambian Army and Air Force for their missions.  U.S. training for ZAMBATT 3 and the Zambian Air Force covered subjects such as humanitarian assistance, laws of peacekeeping, protection of the vulnerable, aircrew survival training, base defense, aeromedical evacuation, and Chaplain training.  The protective equipment donated by the United States includes ballistic vests, helmets, uniforms, boots, and other gear essential to Zambia’s deploying forces.  Instructors from the United States came the U.S. African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance program (ACOTA), U.S. Air Force 818th Military Support Advisory Squadron (MSAS), U.S. Air Force Africa Aeromedical Training Team, and U.S. Army Africa Chaplain Training Team.

The British Peace Support Team based in South Africa contributed by providing six military instructors to the program.  The partnership between the Zambian Defense forces, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, ACOTA, and UK Defense illustrates the commitment of the United States to Zambia’s success in promoting peace in the region.

The United States Embassy in Lusaka is pleased to have organized and led the training to ensure that Zambia’s peacekeepers are ready to represent the Zambian people while bringing peace, stability, and hope to the people of the Central African Republic.