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Pan-Africa Youth Leadership Program

The Pan-Africa Youth Leadership Program is a three-week exchange program for high school students from Zambia aged 15-18 years old. Each year, this dynamic youth leadership program engages 150 high school students and adult mentors from over 38 countries in Africa for a three week U.S.-based cultural exchange and civic engagement training program.

Following an opening kickoff conference, PAYLP participants are hosted by community-based partners for homestays, additional training, and cultural engagement in diverse regions of the United States, from Alabama to Oregon. The PAYLP experience concludes with a closing conference in Washington, D.C., where participants reconvene to share their experiences, deliver action plan presentations, and reflect on the lessons learned from the program. Along the way, youth encounter and foster relationships with fellow participants from different ethnic, religious, and national groups across the continent and exchange ideas with each other in addition to American peers. PAYLP aims to build tolerance and respect through shared culture and values, prepare African youth to become responsible citizens and positively contribute to their communities, and promote mutual understanding between the people of the United States

This page will be updated when the PAYLP program is open for applications (typically once per year).

For further questions call +260 211 357000 or email LusakaExchanges@state.gov