PEPFAR in Zambia

As one of the fifteen focus countries, Zambia is supported by the U.S. Government to implement PEPFAR as an integrated response supporting the Ministry of Health (MOH) and National AIDS Council (NAC). In 2011, Zambia received US$ 306 million in Emergency Plan for programs targeting HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support, and health systems strengthening. Since its inception in 2004, PEPFAR Zambia has received over US$ 1.7 billion.

PEPFAR brings together five U.S. government agencies in Zambia to endorse a single strategy and implement one program, led by the Ambassador. These are: Centers for Disease Control (CDC), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Department of Defense (DoD – including DoD HIV/AIDS Prevention Program DHAPP), Department of State (DoS), and Peace Corps (PC).

In 2011 PEPFAR supported more than 100 partners and about 250 sub-partners, including approximately 95 local organizations. PEPFAR works directly with civil society, the private sector, as well as various other ministries and organizations.

PEPFAR Zambia has a small grants program which funds projects related to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and HIV and AIDS Prevention. The PEPFAR Small Grants Program provides funds to local Zambian organizations working at the grassroots level. This is a highly competitive initiative designed to assist communities with innovative projects that provide care and support to orphans, vulnerable children and their households, and to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.