U.S. Ambassador to Zambia Views First Quantum’s Kansanshi Mine

U.S. Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz visited First Quantum Minerals’ Kansanshi Mine April 4 to tour the facility and meet with mine officials as part of his America Days visit to Ndola and Solwezi.

“As a majority U.S. owned company, First Quantum’s work in Zambia yields benefits for both of our countries,” said Schultz. “Given its significant ties to the United States, I’m very interested in learning more about First Quantum’s work in Zambia. As it is our mandate to support the work of companies with significant American involvement or interest, I am committed to working with both First Quantum and the Zambian government to ensure that all parties can arrive at mutually beneficial positions on key policy issues, such as electricity tariffs, taxes, and VAT refunds.”

During his trip to Kansanshi, Ambassador Schultz viewed the facility’s main mining pits and received a tour of First Quantum’s smelter.

“This is a truly impressive facility,” said Schultz, adding that, “Mining is a critical component of the Zambian economy and Kansanshi has brought thousands of jobs to Solwezi as the town grew up around this important mine. I’m hopeful that, through additional investment into Kansanshi, First Quantum can provide even more jobs to the local economy and bring additional years to the mine’s life cycle.”