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Getting Started in the U.S.
June 2, 2020

We can assist Zambian companies to:

  • Represent or distribute a U.S. product
  • Find a U.S. supplier or trading partner
  • Finance Purchases of Goods and Services from the United States
  • Attend an International Buyer Show – develop new business relationships with American companies by visiting some of the most prestigious trade shows in the United States.
  • Commercial News USA (CNUSA) — A bi-monthly catalog-magazine promoting U.S. Companies that are seeking international distributors or agents.

Interested in Investing in the United States?

Foreign business owners desiring to invest in the United States, create import and export opportunities, build partnerships can learn more about the U.S. economy and find information on:

  • Economic Statistics
  • Energy, Transportation and Telecommunication
  • Finance and Development
  • Frequently asked Foreign Business Questions
  • International Trade Labor Issues
  • Trade Statistics

If you are looking for new products to import or looking for new business opportunities, please write to commerciallusaka@state.gov and the commercial office will be happy to help you with the search.