Small Grants Programs

U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self Help Small Grants Program Guidelines

The U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self Help Small Grants Program share the same goals of providing small-scale assistance directly to Zambian community based organizations as part of an ongoing commitment by the U.S. government to support Zambian-driven development activities on a local level.  Read more.

Public Affairs Section Small Grants

The U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Section Grants Program awards grants to Zambian non-profit and non-governmental organizations and independent media for projects that support U.S. goals in the Republic of Zambia, including those promoting a better understanding of the United States, democracy and governance, entrepreneurship development, and peace. Successful proposals will include a component that relates to the United States. This could be a component that promotes participation in U.S. exchange programs and sharing of experiences during U.S. exchange programs, sharing of models and ideas learned during U.S. exchange programs, promotion of U.S. culture and values, or components that promote a better understanding of the United States. Successful proposals will clearly describe the U.S. component of the program. Successful proposals will clearly define anticipated results of the program, when results will be expected, and how the U.S. Embassy can measure the anticipated results. Successful grantees will proactively show progress towards results through regular reporting to the U.S. Embassy. U.S. Embassy officials will visit the program to monitor progress, as well. This grants program generally does not favorably review proposals to hold conferences. Individuals, companies, and for-profit organizations are not eligible for grants. Read more here.

The PEPFAR Small Grants

The Small Grants Program is a highly competitive initiative designed to assist communities with innovative projects that provide care and support to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and their households, as well as provide assistance to groups implementing HIV and AIDS Prevention projects. Recipients of a PEPFAR small grant receive funding intended to help local organizations and/or communities start or continue a sustainable project that directly benefits OVC or mitigates the effects of HIV and AIDS.

The U.S. Democracy and Human Rights Fund

The U.S. Democracy and Human Rights Fund in Zambia seeks small, distinct, short-term, and high impact activities that promote political pluralism and human and civil rights.