American Corner NIPA

The American Corner in Lusaka is operated as a joint partnership with the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA). The Corner is housed within a new wing of the school and comprises two large rooms for public use. A meeting room allows the Corner to conduct various public diplomacy events such as embassy-sponsored speakers, film screenings, exhibits, and artistic performances. The meeting room is also available for members to use for programming that supports the American Corner’s five core programs: English language learning, EducationUSA advising for study in the United States, exchange program alumni activities, cultural programs, and providing general information about the United States.

A separate room houses a library with an extensive collection of print media, focusing on topics such as American popular culture, finance, economics, politics, science, technology and more. There is also a special print section comprising information about U.S. college entrance exams, study abroad programs, and scholarship opportunities.

The library is expanding its online resources to include 20 e-readers loaded with popular fiction titles to support book clubs. Additionally, 10 desktop computers and two laptops will be available for surfing the internet, working on school assignments, or other general use. Members can also use the computer stations to view titles from the DVD collection. Choices include historical documentaries, educational lectures, and popular American movies.

Regular Maker Space programs are planned, with the Corner providing materials that teach basic circuitry, computer coding, and robotics, among other activities. 3-D pens and a 3-D printer are available to make original designs come to life.

The American Corner continues to expand and update its offerings to best serve the needs of visitors, and to maintain its standing as a center for diplomatic outreach within the community.