Who is an alumnus?
An alumnus is someone who has participated in a U.S. Government-sponsored exchange program. The U.S. Embassy in Lusaka administers a variety of exchange programs in Zambia. For more information about our exchange programs, please visit the Education and Professional Exchange Programs page.

Have you participated in a U.S. Government-sponsored exchange program? If so, join our alumni networks to gain access to numerous resources such as funding opportunities from organizations around the world, access to the eLibrary with more than 200,000 publications, jobs, and volunteer and networking opportunities.

The U.S. Embassy in Lusaka is committed to supporting alumni by introducing them to resources based upon their exchange experience and facilitating the connection of alumni to USG programs across Zambia, post-exchange activities, and access to specialized resources and opportunities.
Opportunities include events such as conferences, lectures, roundtables, discussions, cultural events, training sessions and other opportunities involving alumni-run initiatives.

Application deadline:  Thursday February 28, 2019

The Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) provides small grants to teams of past and current participants of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs to carry out public service projects using the skills and knowledge they gained during their exchange experiences.

Since 2011, AEIF has supported more than 400 alumni-led initiatives around the world and reached millions of people both directly and indirectly through trainings, awareness campaigns, and leadership and empowerment programs.  In 2017, the State Department awarded 68 grants of up $25,000 to alumni teams worldwide to support their public service projects. From mentoring youth in social entrepreneurship to creating clubs that promote religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence, alumni around the world are leading their communities with innovative solutions to global challenges.

AEIF Competition Basics

  • Alumni must be verified members of the International Exchange Alumni (IEA) global online community and form teams of at least three (3) IEA community members (this number includes the team leader).
  • Alumni who are U.S. citizens may not submit proposals but U.S. alumni may participate as team members in a project.
  • Proposed projects must address one of the five AEIF themes below.
  • To participate in AEIF, you must log into the International Exchange Alumni site (IEA), then go to, and click on the “Apply for AEIF” button. This will take you to the AEIF application on FluidReview where you may begin the proposal form. Only by signing into IEA and navigating to the Fluid Review platform will you be able to successfully participate in the AEIF competition and submit your proposal and budget.
  • In order to successfully submit your proposal, you must fill out the entire online form and attach the budget form. You may save your edits and complete your proposal in more than one sitting, but once you submit your proposal, you may no longer make changes.
  • Proposals and budgets sent via email will not be accepted.

Not sure where to start? Check out the AEIF Help Desk, where you can view commonly asked questions, theme definitions, sample proposals, sample budgets, and guides to help build your project.

Need some inspiration for your project? Check out the 2018 winners

2019 AEIF Timeline

  • Friday, February 1: The AEIF competition begins at 14:00 ET (U.S. Eastern Time, i.e. New York)! Alumni may start submitting proposals and budgets.
  • Thursday, February 28: The deadline for AEIF proposals and budget forms is 14:00 pm ET (U.S. Eastern Time, i.e. New York).  Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • March & April: Eligible proposals will be reviewed and evaluated.
  • May: AEIF 2019 finalist* projects will be announced.
  • June: 2019 AEIF winners* will be announced!

What is new with AEIF in 2019?

Budget justification.  This year, teams must submit a justification explaining all proposed budget expenditures. The budget justification will help you think through your project and budget more carefully by providing greater detail and explanation of budget items.

  • A budget justification helps the reviewers better understand the costs of your project.
  • Not sure what a budget justification is? Check out the AEIF Help Desk for examples.

With this change, a complete application package consists of: a proposal, alumni team information, and a budget with a budget justification.

AEIF themes for 2019 are:

  • Fostering Economic Prosperity
  • Building Civic Participation, Good Governance and Resilient Communities
  • Advancing Science, Technology, Health and Innovation
  • Promoting Inclusion and Educational Opportunity
  • Empowering Women and Girls

Is your account up-to-date? Need to create an account? Don’t remember your password? Click here for help. Don’t wait! If you send in your request for a new account after February 13, 2019, we may not be able to grant or restore access by the proposal submission deadline.

Apply now:

Get connected with your peers in Zambia and throughout the world to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and get inspired!

  1. Stay updated on U.S. Embassy Zambia-hosted events and other opportunities by joining the U.S. Embassy Alumni Database. Send us an email to with your full name, mailing address, program name, and program year.
  2. In order to receive any U.S. Government funding, you must be part of the International Exchange Alumni network, the global online community by and for alumni. Visit to sign up today.
  3. Get involved in your community and don’t miss out on other alumni-related opportunities, become a member of the Zambia-U.S. Exchanges Alumni Association (ZUEA) – For more information, visit or email the ZUEA board at more information, contact us at or by phone at (260) 211 357000.