U.S. Sends Zambian Disability Coaches for Training

Lusaka – The Government of the United States is proud to announce that in line with its commitment to engage priority audiences, including people with disabilities, at-risk youth, and women, it will send fourteen (14) sports coaches and administrators to the United States to participate in a Sports Visitor Program.

The United States Embassy is pleased to work with the Zambian government and local sports organizations to engage youth, women, and hard-to-reach audiences to promote American values both on and off the sports field. The Embassy is also committed to working with sports leaders to promote sports development and inclusiveness in the country.

The focus of the program, which will run from April 7-21, will be training coaches to engage with athletes with disabilities through wheelchair basketball.

Last year the U.S. Embassy hosted a unique disability sports program with visiting American Paralympic medal winners Anjali Forber-Pratt and Joseph LeMar. Over 200 coaches and athletes converged in Ndola and Lusaka to learn coaching techniques and how to best be inclusive of people with disabilities in sports.