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U.S. Embassy Zambia Selects 25 Leaders for the 2022 Mandela Washington Fellowship
June 13, 2022

LUSAKA – U.S. Embassy Zambia is proud to announce the 25 Zambian leaders who will participate in the 2022 Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders from June 8 until July 13 in the United States.

Launched in 2014 by the U.S. government, the Mandela Washington Fellowship is the flagship program of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and embodies the U.S. commitment to invest in the future of Africa.  YALI supports young Africans as they spur economic growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security across Africa. Since 2014, nearly 5,100 young leaders from every country in sub-Saharan Africa have participated in the Mandela Washington Fellowship.  The 2022 Fellowship will provide Zambian leaders with the opportunity to hone their skills in business, civic engagement, or public management.

The 25 Zambian Fellows will attend 16 different U.S. colleges and universities to participate in a six-week Leadership Institute that develops leadership skills through academic study, workshops, mentoring, networking with U.S. leaders, and collaboration with U.S. citizens.  The Leadership Institutes across these U.S. colleges and universities strengthen connections between the United States and Africa and establish enduring partnerships between Fellows, local communities, and private businesses.  After the Leadership Institutes, Fellows will participate in a virtual Summit with all participating Fellows from Africa.  Fellows can participate in Alumni Programming after their Fellowships to further build their professional skills and networks.

U.S. Embassy Zambia is proud to announce that the following Zambian leaders will participate in the 2022 Mandela Washington Fellowship:

Assa Banda, Zambia Correctional Service
Buumba Hampuwo, WorldFish
Buumba Siamalube, British Council
Edward Sibeene, Contract Youth Association
Elizabeth Chunda, Chinsali Girls Secondary School
Gladys Mwamba, Plastic for Change
Kabota Chipopola, Undikumbukire Project Zambia
Katuta Besa, Undikumbukire Project Zambia
Kosta Chipuka, Morninglight Financial Solutions
Lily Singelengele, Green Agricutural Youth Organization
Luyando Muchimba, The YANA Foundation
Meyan Kachenga, Ministry of Health
Micheal Mwenya, Lewanika General Hospital
Mubiana Musokotwane, AfriConté
Muchinga Mutambo, Copper Rose Zambia
Musama Chibamba, PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited Zambia
Mwiza Muwowo, Umni Solutions
Mzeziti Mwanza, Caritas Zambia
Nanyangwe Siuluta, Zambart
Nchimunya Munyama, Netagrow Technologies
Onishias Maamba, Capital FM Radio
Priscillar Banda, ZAMSAVE
Tikulirekuti Banda, Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia
Tumeyo Kangabala, Circle of Hope and Kabwata Urban Health Center
Zengani Mbambara, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock